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Song Team

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We set and pursue the highest business, professional and ethical standards. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations. We maintain superior professional expertise and constantly work at understanding our clients’ challenges from the broadest possible perspective. We do that through what we know best – the application of technology shift and management to our clients’ opportunities and needs. And we strive to do it with the utmost integrity, guided by our duty to our clients and ourselves. That is our mission.


Success to us means that our clients put us at the top of their list of realtors they want to work with. Yes, we want to be fairly compensated for the work we do, and for the years we’ve invested in learning and honing our disciplines. But we also recognize that financial success only occurs when we add significant value to our clients’ businesses in buying, selling and investing in real estate. So our vision of success – our standard, is that the clients we serve will respect us, enjoy working with us and view us as partners in their success.


We are a client-centred team and see ourselves as members of our clients’ teams, dedicated to ensuring that their needs and aspirations are fulfilled and that their problems are solved innovatively, proactively and expeditiously. Extending to our team members, we do request our entire team to put our clients' satisfaction as paramount. We regularly conduct customer questionnaires upon completion of every transaction and both clients' feedback and sales performance of each team member will be reviewed annually.


We consistently invest in updating our tools and techniques to stay at the top edge in the industry and we strongly believe in our philosophy that by taking advantage of the technology shift, we will be able to change the market and the services realtors can offer to the public.


关于 SONG TEAM 地产精英团队

我们的使命 — 致力于成为最好的

我们拥有优秀的职业素养,追求最高的专业和道德标准,并不断努力,从尽可能广泛的角度了解客户所面临的挑战,最终通过行动超越客户的期望值。我们通过我们最擅长的 — 新科技及管理方式的运用,来完成我们的工作。最重要的是,我们本存着最高的诚信,来履行我们的职责,为客户也为自己负责。以上是我们的使命。

我们的愿景— 陪伴客户获得成功

成功对于Sophia Song团队意味着成为客户最喜爱合作的地产经纪团队。是的,我们同时希望为我们多年来的经验与磨砺获得合理的报偿。但是我们认识到,只有帮助客户完成最高质量的房产买卖与投资,我们才能获得财务上的成功。所以我们对成功的愿景是—我们的服务得到客户的尊重与喜爱,客户视我们为成功道路上的合作者。


我们以客户为中心来运作团队,同时我们也把自己作为客户团队中的一员,来确保客户的需求和追求得到满足、他们的困难得到快速及完善地解决。我们要求Sophia Song团队每一个成员都必须把客户的满意度放在最首要的位置。我们会在每一笔交易完成后进行客户问卷调查,并将客户的意见及我们的销售业绩进行年度的回顾与分析。



Sophia Song

Sophia SongSales Representative

  • Office: 905-727-1941
  • Mobile: 416-356-9215

Despite a high volume of business, Sophia remains client focused. A commitment to ensuring her clients are receiving high calibre service is the foundation of her success. With her professional and no-pressure approach, intimate knowledge of the urban market and design flair, Sophia provides a lasting impression. As Sophia says, “Real estate is not just about selling houses; it is about going the extra mile such that because we understand how important ‘home’ means, we always do our utmost to ensure our clients fulfill their wants and needs.”

Currently guiding a team of forward-thinking agents, Sophia’s goal is to set high standards and continue to move forward with a competitive edge. Whether you are buying your first home, upsizing, downsizing or investing, or if you are the up and coming top REALTOR® of tomorrow looking to further your career, Sophia and her incredible team have the knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to make you move another success story.



Nick Xu

Nick XuBroker, P.Eng

  • Office: 905-727-1941
  • Mobile: 647-502-9215

Nick is one of the very few practicing professional engineers with a sound background in building construction working in the real estate sales industry.

Nick completed both his Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Engineering degrees at the University of Toronto where leadership, innovation and technology were always his focal points. Combined with his unique experience, Nick is an expert in negotiation and property evaluation and he brings the strength of his professional expertise to every client by providing detailed explanations of various building designs, from a professional point of view. His goal is to change the public's perception of real estate professionals: "Although among the general public, real estate agents carry a bad reputation being salespeople looking for a quick exchange, we are better viewed as educators. As a team of dedicated professionals, we consistently work on improving the service we can offer by taking the advantage of the technology shifts."



Fran Yang

Fran YangSales Representative

  • Office: 905-727-1941
  • Mobile: 416-587-8968

Fran has worked in the client-facing industry since completed her Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Toronto. Her work experience gained from both immigration consulting and event planning sharpened her communication and negotiation skills. In her spare time, she has volunteered in many non-profit organizations where she met people with different culture and further developed her interpersonal skills.

She believes the highest quality of service is to meet each client’s unique need by providing professional advice and service. “Home is where the heart is.” Fran will bring your heart home with her dedication, patience and professional service.